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30 Questionnaires, 38 scores

Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator Mini Modules List

 Module I  Goals
 Module II  Five Pillars
 Module III  Nutrition Workup
 Module IV FoodPainConnection
 Module V Antioxidant Needs
 Module VI Osteoporosis Risk
 Module VII Red Flags
 Module VIII Yellow flags
 Module IX Psychological, Depression, Suicide Risk
 Module X Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet
 Module XI Nutrition Supplements Contraindications

The Mini Modules Process

1.     Purchase a set of Modules of your choosing.
2.     Receive the Fillable PDF Modules as Email Attachments.
3.     Submit each Module you receive back to us.
4.     Receive your Report on the Results.

When you purchase a Module your payment is sent to us by PayPal and once verified, we send out the PDF Module via email. Expect a 24 hour turnaround time please.

Promoting Active Self-Help
Assess - Identify - Prioritize - Motivate

Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Calculator can be taken in one multidimensional questionnaire at Please wait five seconds for the site at to redirect you to the register page at There is a link to get you back to the main site.

This web page you are on now offers the same multidimensional wellness assessment found at These ten individual modules found on this page as are in the questionnaire at Plus, you'll find here an eleventh module for calculating Nutrition Supplement Contraindications. At the end of this page you will see a fee additional form needed for a complete workup.

Knowing what your Antioxidant Needs are and what Contraindications may be present, helps the clinician toward a more thorough, comprehensive plan and it helps you help yourself.

Clinicians can direct their patients/clients to individual modules that may be of particular interest at any point in time. For instance, Osteoporosis Risk and Yellow Flags screenings are good things for clinicians to know. Another thing a clinician may have an interest in is Module IV the FoodPainConnection ( in order to get some idea if food may be playing a significant role in this person's health events.

Starting off ALL modules will be the Goals Module I. That module will need to be taken every time any of the other modules are ordered so an upgrade of present goals can be determined. Please be selective on the Goals module. Prioritize your needs and select only goals that are a high priority for you at this present time. People who select too many goals are not focussed and will need initial help getting that focus. That will cost them time and money. Three to five goals are a great start. Other goals can be selected at a future date.

Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator Modules

Module I Goals, Free
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60 Questions

This module is included with each set of modules you purchase.


Module II Dr. Ouellette's Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets
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20 Questions     Nutrition, Lifestyle

20 Questions     Exercise, Lifestyle

20 Questions     Spinal Health, Lifestyle

20 Questions     Rest & Relaxation, Lifestyle

20 Questions     Attitude & Perspective, Lifestyle  

Module II
First Name Initial & Last Name
Email to send Module II

Module III Nutrition Work Up
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20 Questions    2 Nutrition Lifestyle

20 Questions    6 Digestion Screening

5 Questions      7 Eating Behaviours Screening

5 Questions      8 Fibre Screening

5 Questions      9 Water Screening

5 Questions      10 Food Groups Screening

5 Questions      11 Junk Food Screening

4 Questions      13 Dairy Food Screening

4 Questions      14 Wheat Food Screening  

Module III
First Name Initial & Last Name
Email to send Module III

Module IV The Food Pain Connection
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20 Questions   Food Pain Connection

Module IV
First Name Initial & Last Name
Email to send Module IV

Module V AntiOxidant Needs Screening
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15 Questions   Antioxidant Needs

Module V
First Name Initial & Last Name
Email to send Module V

Module VI Osteoporosis Risk Screening
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 20 Questions Osteoporosis Risk

Module VI
First Name Initial & Last Name
Email to send Module VI

Module VII Red Flags Screening
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(Clinical Needs)

 25 Questions       Red Flags

 100 Questions     Signs & Symptoms

 10 Questions       Pain Screening

Module VII
First Name Initial & Last Name
Email to send Module VII

Module VIII Yellow Flags Screening:
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16 Questions Predictors of passive care failure & long term disability

Module VIII
First Name Initial & Last Name
Email to send Module VIII

Module IX Psychological Screening:
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 20 Questions     Energy Levels Screening

 20 Questions     Depression & Suicide Risk Screening

 20 Questions     Anger Screening

 20 Questions     Abuse & Control Screening

 20 Questions     Healthy Relationship Screening 

Module IX
First Name Initial & Last Name
Email to send Module IX

Module X Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet Screening
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90 Questions     Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet Screening

Module X
First Name Initial & Last Name
Email to send Module X

Module XI Nutrition Supplements Contraindications Screening
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 28 Questions     List of 28 Diseases

Module XI
First Name Initial & Last Name
Email to send Module XI


Additional forms needed for a complete workup are:

  • Electronic Fillable ENTRANCE RECORD Form
  • Spinal Manipulation Therapy Contraindications
  • Low Back Spinal Flexion Decompression Therapy Contraindications Form
  • One Week Diet Diary
  • Present Nutritional Supplement list Form
  • One week grocery store receipt

 Email us please for access to these forms.






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