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Registration is the start phase of a long, happy, healthy life. Registration shows us that you are serious about lifestyle improvement and pain relief.

2. Take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation.
The Canadian Holistic Online Consultation is a comprehensive thorough measurement of your present lifestyle. The consultation will put numbers to your lifestyle and teach you how to increase those numbers toward optimal health.

3. Commit to improving you lifestyle.
Commit to raising you Lifestyle Questionnaire overall score toward optimal health and wellness.

4. Realise that you need help.
Most people cannot do it alone.
Most people need help with motivation.
Most people need help with sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

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In the particular field of pain and food the catch phrase "Now is Everything" has special relevance. NOW is a mind set. NOW is an attitude. The NOW has relevance only to you. Planning for the future has it's place. But, the NOW takes precedent in a way that does not override the future.

The issue of pain, and the treatment of that pain, requires a larger perspective and a larger plan than the narrow one offered by surgery and drugs. Food offers us a source of relief that has been claimed to be as powerful as some drugs currently on the market. It is tragic that a great many people try out the food sources of relief only after the damage of drugs and surgeries.

Science offers us a tantalizing future that is grounded in reality not myth and magic. This puts the onus on each individual to investigate for themselves the value of both the Pain Relief Diet and Optimal Health Secrets.

Staying alive for new discoveries entails more than just food and pain. It requires attention to optimal health secrets. Our generation, and the next few, are the first to have a very real hope of immortality. We gain this hope by modifying our attitude and learning the secrets. The secrets cannot be gained in a one time sit down. The secrets are gained by due diligence, much effort, and regular help.

We offer some secrets on this web site. We offer some help on this web site. We offer some hope on this web site. Only you can live in the 'NOW'. Only you can regain control of your life. Only you can reach the space of the Pain Relief Lifestyle.

You need a health care team. You need a science backed approach. You need us. Book an appointment with Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup. and get on the roadway to optimal health and wellness.


Do it today.

The time for you is NOW.

"I'd drive a hundred miles to get the care I need."

Drive the hundred miles, and do it NOW.

Get Measured, Get tested

Optimal health requires two things of you. Firstly you need to know what to do. Secondly you need to do it. Both of these behaviours have challenges associated with them. Research is confusing because it comes along in little steps. Knowing what to do becomes difficult when a great amount of information is presented to you. Then when you finally get it figured out, you find that many times it is difficult to do and certainly difficult to maintain. You need help.

Step One
Get tested.
You need to get measured against what science already knows. The Canadian Holistic Online Consultation does this very effectively.

Step Two
Doing it.
If you know, but don't do then you do not reap the rewards. We live in a society of reward seekers. Seek and you shall find. But, then you must do what you need to do. We can help you with that.

1. Are you interested in optimal health?
2. Are you interested in a longer life?
3. Are you interested in suffering less?
4. Are you interested in having less pain?
5. Do you know many of the things that you need to do?
6. Do you feel that you need help with exercise?
7. Do you feel that you need help with nutrition for pain relief?
8. Do you feel that you need help with nutrition for optimal health?
9. Do you think it is a smart thing to get your lifestyle tested?
10. Are you ready to make changes for a better, healthier life?





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