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30 Questionnaires, 38 scores

  Forms You will Need

The only form you will need is the Free Health Screening form on our Canadian Lifestyle Health Care web site. To help speed things up a little you can have your Bowel Transit Time ready and a few measurements.

To calculate your BOWEL TRANSIT TIME, eat a large handful of sunflower seeds with a large meal of the day, but do not chew them very well.

You want to leave the cellulose layer around the seed. Mark down the time that you take them. (You can also use corn.)

Time and date taken: .

Now watch your bowel movements and when you see the kernels of sunflower seeds, or corn, mark this time down.

Time and date when first observing the kernels come through.

Calculate the time interval between those two times and that is your Bowel Transit Time.

Write it down somewhere please.



Nutritional Supplementation

Record your present vitamin, mineral, and other supplement intake.

List all of the vitamins, minerals, and other supplements of all kinds of that you consume. Include the manufacturer's name. Write this on a piece of paper so you can enter it into the.

Record the bottle or package label name and manufacturer.

Amount of Ingredients
List every ingredient in the product please, and we need the amounts per tablet or per dosage recommended.



Measure your weight, your height, your waist circumference at the NARROWEST point, and your hip circumference at the LARGEST point.

You will need the above data for your Free Health Screening. this link will take you to the Canadian Lifestyle Health Care web site.







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