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30 Questionnaires, 38 scores

More Info for Health Care Providers

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The Lifestyle Measurement tool at will provide a Lifestyle Progress Chart for health care providers. Providers can monitor the progress of patients/clients they refer. This is an excellent way to track how a patient or client is doing with lifestyle modification or lifestyle improvement procedures.

The Chart
The Lifestyle Questionnaire Progress Chart is a single 8.5 by 11 page that lists 38 numbers representing the average scores the client received including the BMI, Waist/Hip Ratio and Bowel Transit Time.

Depending on the kind of health care practitioner you are, you would simply choose what numbers to focus on with your patient/client. When the Lifestyle Questionnaire is re-taken by your client you will see successive columns of number beside the last set, and conveniently dated so you can easily judge progress, then counsel the client appropriately.

Health care providers will have the option of charging a client/patient fee for lifestyle improvement counselling or letting the health insurance system cover the costs.

New Source of Income
A health care provider can register as a Lifestyle Agent and earn a commission on referrals and a greater commission on sales. See the Become an Agent page of the web site. If a provider feels a conflict of interest to receive remuneration for referrals with this system then they can negotiate to receive the Progress Chart in lieu of commission.

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