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A good dance couple has a strong lead and a strong follow. They function as one in the team. Science and you make up the partners in a team. Science lights the roadway to optimal health. You can get on that roadway by taking the lead of science. Taking the lead makes you part of the team. On the roadway to optimal health science sheds light on the secrets. Only you can prevent burnout. Only you can bring yourself to the roadway. Once there, at the roadway, Lifestyle Instruction lights the way. Be part of the team. Find the solutions that you need. Give us a call, you be surprised and very happy that you did.

LIA Stands for Lifestyle Instruction Aid. Think of it as First Aid for your lifestyle. Pain relief is tied into optimal health and learning optimal health secrets is part of the trick in life. Applying those secrets is the other part and most often requires the help of someone well experienced in that field.

The left column of this web site contains links to products, services, and therapies that we offer. Please have a look at those links. Relax and spend some time on our site.

Although most everyone knows what BAD behaviour is and what good behaviour is health-wise, a great number of people have much difficulty sticking with the good behaviours for a significant amount of time. Help is necessary. We all need help. Help is at hand.

We are that help.



This web site is dedicated to offering help in the form of services, therapies, and products directed toward pain relief and optimal health in a non-drug, non-surgical natural way.


Get pain relief the natural way.


New Diet for Chronic Pain
New Protocols for Pain

Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain

Disc Degeneration, Disc Bulges, Disc Herniations, Arthritis
Positive MRI Findings, Positive CAT Scans, Positive X-Ray Findings

Do you need advice on new options?

A New Approach to Pain is Now Available.


1st, your lifestyle needs to be measured.
2nd, you need sound professional advice.
3rd, you need to take the advice and do it.

If you are willing to do it, then we can help.


What good is money if you can not enjoy it?

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Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon of new technology. When technology fails, one is left with one’s self. Our program of care is all about self reliance. We teach, you learn. We are sure you’ll be very happy, and maybe quite surprised at what you can do for yourself.


We've heard it said

"I’d drive a hundred miles to get the care I need."

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Pain AND Relief?

People vary quite a lot as to the type an amount of pain that they have. Most people experience some sort of major pain crisis several times throughout their lives. Most people do not do everything they can to live an optimal life. This means that a lot of people suffer more than they need to and live shorter lives than they could lead.

Part of the maturing process for humans is realizing that the physical body matures and so does the mind. Learning that we need help in discovering all the secrets of optimal health is part of the maturation process.

Types of Pain

Acute pain, Chronic pain, and Pathological pain are the three main types of pain. They can have many varied causes. Drugs for pain appear to be an easy approach until one realizes that they are very costly and present several side effects, some of which can be quite dangerous. Drugs have their place, but so do natural pain relief techniques.

Learning new ways to deal with pain is key to a good life. For instance, many people do not realize that food ties into pain. The food pain connection is one of those secrets that need to be learned. We will help you discover what foods are right for your particular genetics and what foods may be bad.

Exercise is another secret to pain relief. Some people are caught up in the catch 22 situation that they cannot exercise because it hurts too much. The lack of exercise then leads to more pain. It becomes a vicious circle. We will help you start slowly and build to a healthy happy lifestyle.

There are many more secrets to learn.

Helping people break out of that vicious pain circle is one thing that this web site is dedicated to.

Find out what foods make your pain worse.
Find out what foods make your pain better.
Find out what else you can do that costs you nothing, but makes your pain better.

Get the Wellness knowledge now. Learn how to put it all together.

Pain Relief Without Drugs

Beat Pain Naturally

Our program is professionally designed

and professionally delivered.

Optimal health secrets and pain relief self-help strategies.

Doesn't everybody want to know about that?

Don't YOU want to know about that?


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Please be mindful that this web site is a store. As a store, we sell things, services, products, and therapies. We recognise that motivation is the prime mover of people toward optimal health and wellness. Obtaining optimal health and wellness saves you money, our government money, and in the round-about long run, us money so, we offer several free services including a free library of articles. You may very likely need to chip away at your resistance to an optimal lifestyle. We offer some free help in that regard.

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