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Some common questions.

See our Choose Wellness Form.

1. I live in another country, but am in a lot of pain right now. What am I supposed do?

- Purchase an On-Line Telephone Consultation Appointment with Dr. Ouellette.
- Your first On-line Consultation will begin your learning process for pain relief self-help strategies and optimal health secrets.
- You must realise that you are going to have to help yourself.
- Take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at to learn about yourself.


2. What can be done for people who are older and have age related degeneration that may be pinching nerves?

- Ensure that you have had a thorough medical checkup. Remember that medicine has surgery and drugs to offer you. That is their forte. Both surgery and drugs come with dire consequences including a high risk of death among many, many other things.

- We offer natural pain relief self-help strategies and optimal health secrets. Risks here? Much, much lower. Natural therapies mostly are considered safe. Science is still learning about them. We offer science based principles with some common sense concepts. Look at the evidence is our motto.

The chiropractic safety record, for instance, is the envy of the medical establishment. They can't even come close to the safety record of chiropractors. They can scare people quite well, but when you compare the safety record, medicine is no where near the ballpark that the chiropractic profession is at, but the medical people sure have a lot of excuses why they have such a poor safety record.

Their biggest claim is that they do not have a poor safety record. That's rich, because they criticize other professions for safety when those professions have a much better record. We do not offer chiropractic care, but we do understand the profession and the good service that they provide to our communities.

If you want to learn optimal health secrets and pain relief self-help strategies then we are here for you.

Look to the Evidence.

Test it for yourself.

We will show you how.

One of the more important things that you can do for yourself is to learn how to perform gentle core exercises that do not aggravate your pain. There are secrets to learn in this regard. Contact Dr. Ouellette if you wish to know more.


3. Question: What is the cost to get started on a plan for life?


Lets ask some questions first.

Would you pay $60 for a computer program or game?
Would you pay $60 for an electronic device for your home?
Would you pay $60 for a nice restaurant dinner?

Would you pay $60 to live longer, to live happier, to live healthier?
Would you pay $60 to live in less pain?

The Canadian Holistic Online Consultation Report of Findings cost is less than $60 at this time.

It is well worth it. You probably have been waiting too long already.

Now is always a good time to start a wellness program.
Start with the professionals. Start with the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation found at

Professionally designed, professionally delivered.

Once you have your Report of Findings then book an appointment to see Dr. Ouellette to get the most value out of your investment in yourself. You can go to see him in person or you can book a telephone consultation, or an Internet consultation.

It is easy to get started and your first Report of Findings will be easy to read. It will be easy for you to accomplish the first set of  Action Plan items specifically designed for your lifestyle level.


4. How do I gain access to the Library?

Just click on the library link where ever you see one. Our library is located on the Optimal Health web site.


5. Why Register on the web site?

Registration shows us you are seriously interested in optimal health and wellness.


6. Why is it so important for us all to be taking nutritional supplements now?

We need to live at least another 50 years to reap the rewards of scientific research on aging. The longer we live, the longer we are going to continue to live because we will be alive when the new breakthroughs are unleashed on the world. If you want to be around for the 500 year life spans then start now. START TODAY. You can get started with Adeeva's Multi Vitamin and mineral. Order it right now. It's a great product that is used by many health care professionals due to its high quality and comprehensive approach to nutrition supplementation. See Vitamins on this web site.


7. Can I just buy Dr. Ouellette's books and do it myself?

Dr. Ouellette has many years of experience with this very question. He has tried that approach with his patients in the past and found that only a very few can be successful that way. The reason appears to be tied into the human tissue memory of pain.

Both the nervous system and the soft tissues can memorize pain. Most all people need help breaking that memory. Many alternative and complementary forms of health care are quite successful with breaking this memory. Chiropractors for instance, are scientifically proven to be good at this.

Medicine is good at prescribing drugs which dull the pain and anaesthetise the nervous system, but that does not remove the pain memory. It might even be argued that it prolongs it. Medical doctors are very good at telling people they have the best solution and that their drugs and surgery are necessary to solve a particular problem. That is not always so, as people with chronic pain most often find out. Most people in pain need the kind of additional help where an experienced practitioner manually manipulates soft tissues and sometimes hard tissues like joints, to help the body rid itself of pain. Dr. Ouellette can help you with that as he has some 36 years of experience in the clinical pain management field.


8. What kind of a clinic is this?

Dr. Ouellette has been a practising chiropractic clinician since 1973. He is certified in acupuncture and has a Master of Science degree in biology. He is a certified member of the College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada).

The Pain Relief Lifestyle Clinic is a non drug, non surgical clinic that measures a person’s optimal health against current scientific knowledge and the Pain Relief Diet as taught by Dr. Ouellette in his chiropractic clinic. Recommendations are given as to how to improve the score on the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation now at If you choose to see Dr. Ouellette as a Lifestyle Instructor then no diagnosis will be given as people in chronic pain already have a diagnosis. The key for these people is an effective treatment to the lifestyle and that is what the Pain Relief Lifestyle clinic focuses upon.

9. How do I know if Dr. Ouellette is a bona fide clinician?

Go to About Dr. Ouellette. And see his web site at
You can contact the various licensing agencies if you like, to inquire about Dr. Ouellette.

We would quickly say that if a therapy is helping you then it does not matter who the clinician is, or what the certification. The big question is "How do you know if a therapy is really helping you?" The Canadian Holistic Online Consultation located at was designed by Dr. Ouellette for a number of reasons, one of which was to document health improvement including improvement claimed by traditional medical doctors. We have all heard stories of people who have gone in for surgery and come out with the same pain or worse.

Now there is a scientific way to measure improvement including the subtle improvements claimed by many alternative health care practitioners. Retaking the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation three months later should show an increase in scores, toward Optimal Health, if you have been doing what is recommended in the  Report of Findings. If you are taking the consultation to measure another profession's success, then you should see your numbers go up if that profession is helping you.

If you find that your numbers have not gone up, and you do not have the cold or the flue, then a personal consultation with Dr. Ouellette is in order.

10. What is the difference between the Pain Relief Lifestyle Clinic and other pain centres?

We believe that food and exercise are the main factors that impact on health and pain. When it comes to exercise we are fairly traditional accepting what most science now points to. However, we do take a novel approach to helping people get started with exercise, an easy approach that most everyone can do. Nutrition is another story.

We believe that food impacts our body systems in ways that have not been fully clarified with science. Foods have a genetics to them and so do humans. The genetics of food and the genetics of human tissue interact. Science does not fully understand this interaction as yet.

When people are in pain, they need something different than the standard story line of a varied diet with a mix of all the food groups. If you hear that line from media or health care professionals then you know they are not up on current nutritional scientific research. This is one way to tell how much weight you should give to nutritional advice from these types of people.

When a person is in pain, or in poor health, we take issue with the standard line of medical advice on food. This line is given to healthy pain-free people and we believe it does not apply to people in pain. We are very clear and up front about that.

Unfortunately, even when you know some of the secrets, it is not easy to direct oneself through the maize of pain care. You will need help. We are that help.

11. Are you registered as a business?

Yes, we are registered as a business in Ontario, Number 190834713.








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