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Policies and Duties
Official Policy and Rules page.
Version 4.0, Last updated September 5, 2014
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Full time or part time jobs available in a work at your own pace commission environment. This is an ideal job for people with disabilities, or for people who may want to work from home on a part time basis.

These positions are available only as long as Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Agent Program is offered. Commission amounts may change over time without notice.

Wellness Agents earn a commission on sales to who quote their agent number in the sale. Referring people to our web sites can be as easy as dropping off brochures and business cards in shopping malls, or can be more involved with Trade Fairs, Event Evenings, and Internet web pages.

People interested in becoming a Wellness Agent must understand what the process is all about. It is fairly easy as things are fairly straight forward. This web site will explain it to you.

Job Description
Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Agent's main job is to sell Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Workshops. At the present time we are focussing sales on two places, Workshops with Dr. Ouellette and  Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Assessment, the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation.

First Prospective Agents need to Register as a Wellness Agent. After registering and obtaining a licence as one of Dr. Ouellette's Wellnes Agent, you will be given an Agent Number. As you sell, or refer clients, your sales and referrals are tracked via that number. The following summarises the duties.


Promoting duty is one main duty

 - Refer people to web site
 - Hand out Brochures and business cards that you would create yourself.
 - Promote our web sites any ethical way you wish.
 - Personal contact to friends, relatives, or events planned by you.
 - Place your Health Agent number on the back of  brochures and on the front of business cards.


 - Remember that you can choose not to sell.
 - If you do choose to sell, then you will need to learn how to sell effectively. Head Office is not in a position to teach these skills at the present time.
 - When talking to individuals or companies you can recommend that people who feel they need some improvement in their wellness for natural pain relief, optimal health, or whatever reason, then they should purchase a Wellness Web Workshop with Dr. Ouellette. They will get one-on-one personalized care. Their first step will be to take Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Assessment, the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at
 - You can set up a promotion evening by advertising in your local media. You can offer question and answer events that you would run yourself.
 - You would likely need to arrange an internet connection at that event.
 - You could arrange to have a private one-on-one consultation area prearranged and ask people at the event if they would like to purchase a Wellneww Web Workshop with Dr. Ouellette right there at that time. If they do, then go to the Agent payment page on the Internet (explained when you register), and sell the Workshop chosen by the client using the client's credit card. You will then have the control to ensure that your Agent number is used because you will be entering the data yourself and your agent number. You can make these types of sales from your home or work, even with people in another country. Remember that we deliver our workshops over the Internet so people can live anywhere and access our services. English is the only language at this time.

A Wellness Agent will need to train their contacts to use their Agent number, either at the end of their last name, or wherever it is asked for on a web site. This is the key point that allows tracking for the calculation of commissions. It is a good idea to train people to put your Agent number at the end of their last name wherever a last name is asked for.


Our Vision for the Future

The Health Advice Lifestyle Instructor
The Wellness Instructor is distinct from the Wellness Agent. The vision for the future is to have a network of Wellness Instructors who charge a fee-for-service to instruct/advise people on health improvements according to the Lifestyle Instruction Aid protocols. LIA stands for Lifestyle Instruction Aid. Think of LIA as First Aid for the lifestyle.

The Action Plan is part of Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Report of Findings that comes with Workshops.  The Instructor's duty is to follow the protocols laid out for Instructors.

Documents Produced

Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Assessment produces four documents.

- Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Progress Chart

- Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Report of Findings

- Dr. Ouellette's Health Practitioner Report

- Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Instructor Notes

Measurement at is where everything starts.


Becoming a Wellness Agent

Becoming a Wellness Agent is a four step process.

Step #1
Step #1 is understanding the health improvement process from Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Model point of view. This understanding will begin if you read this page thoroughly.

Measurement provides Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Progress Chart. That chart lists 38 score results from the online consultation. The client can see their red flagged scores and their yellow flagged scores so they know where to start first. Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Workshop Report of Findings indicates 38 recommendations and supplies an Action Plan. Further help to achieve the Action Plan is available as an option online, in person, or over the phone via Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Workshops provided by Dr. Ouellette.

Step #2
Gain knowledge. Know what you would be promoting and know the items that you would be selling. What you would be promoting is Wellness improvements that are recommended after an online consultation, measurement and pain assessment is complete. is where you would send people to start them off for that assessment. You can even create the free account for them yourself using an anonymous user name that the two of you agree on.

You can take the consultation yourself if you like, but that is not necessary to become a Wellness Agent.

If Wellness Agents choose to sell, then they will need to know what the items are they would be selling. That list follows.


Items for Sale

Item #1.

Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Assessment, the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, TheQ at


Item #2.

Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Workshop #1 with Dr. Ouellette #1-F30 (30 Min.)


Item #3.

Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Workshop #2 with Dr. Ouellette #2-F2 (2 Hrs.)


Item #4. Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Workshop #3 with Dr. Ouellette #3-F4 (4 Hrs.)

All Workshop Program of Care Packages include; the Registration fee, Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Report of Findings, and Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Workshop session time with Dr. Ouellette.


Health Advice Therapy

Wellness clients can choose one of three Wellness Web Workshops, or fee-for-service in whatever amount of time they like for one-on-one sessions. This is optional. The program is set up to be a self-help program, but many people want individual help. That help is available. It usually takes several hours of health advice session time to grasp the significance of Wellness improvement for people to get on the roadway to optimal health, wellness, and natural pain relief. Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet takes a little explaining to grasp the key points and then implement these improvements effectively.


Health Advice Client Registration

Everyone will need to have taken Dr. Ouellette's Wellneww Web Assessment, the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation within the last three months in order to qualify for workshops or session time.

Wellness Workshops can be accomplished in one of three ways.
a. In person.
b. Over the Internet via chat venue.
c. Over the telephone in Continental USA and Canada. Programs like Skype and MagicJack are possibilities as well.


Item #5. Nutritional Products

Nutrition products have been removed from the products to sell until an agent establishes a track record. There are close to two dozen products available. Go to the products page and check out the products. Teach clients to always go the Store products page first and then click on the product links rather than going to the Adeeva web site directly.

Note: There is no commission paid on therapies as indicated on Store Therapies page.


Step #3
As a Wellness Agent you would decide whether you want to just advertise, or do both advertising and selling. There are two skills to learn as a Wellness Agent, advertising and selling. You may want to start out just handing out brochures and business cards, then later progress to selling when confidence builds.

Advertising is the simple job of notifying people of the services available. Advertising can be done by handing out a brochure and business card, or by contacting company Human Resource departments or Personnel departments, and recommending that the company notify its workers that this new service is now available online at Small newspaper ads can be taken out, trade show booths can be set up etc. This advertising job pays a smaller commission on services.

The second skill set is selling Wellness Workshops with Dr. Ouellette. The three Workshop Plans that we offer include the registration, the Report of Findings, and the session time with Dr. Ouellette. This sales skill set requires more effort as one has to actually sell Workshop Plans, either in a personal meeting or online in some fashion. Selling Workshop Plans pays a higher commission on packages sold.

An Optimal Health Agent will decide whether they wish to advertise only and reap a smaller commission, and/or sell and reap a larger commission.

Both selling and promoting through advertising can be a low key job performed to a relaxing part time schedule or, can be aggressive high-volume work at your own pace job. The key is learning how to contact various large employee companies and then meeting with them to explain the services.

Step #4
Send us an email indicating you would like to become a Wellness Agent. You will be contacted via email so ensure that your email is typed correctly.


Health Agent Policies

These rules and policies supersede any rules showing elsewhere and are subject to change without notice.

1. There are no costs or fees to become ana Wellness Agent for the first year.
2. The first 12 months for a Wellness Agent Licence Registration is free. Thereafter, Wellness Agents will pay a yearly registration fee to maintain their licence registration. This helps us ensure quality control. This leaves a Wellness Agent one year to determine if this type of a job is right for them.
3. Wellness Agents will receive a small commission on sales from those people who quote their Agent Number when they purchase services.
4. Agents will receive a larger commission on sales of Workshop packages anytime their Agent number is quoted in the sale. The percentage value may change in the future with no notice. Agents can earn commissions when their clients go to the internet themselves in the future and purchase workshops, or when a client's friends quote their agent number.
5. The difference in our program is that your agent number is forever linked to future purchases by that referred client as long as you remain a registered Wellness Agent with us and the program is in effect. That means an agent could continue to earn commissions even without doing any work.
6. Wllness Agents are NOT Wellness Instructors. HeWellness Instruction is a separate qualification.
7. Head office reserves the right to withdraw the licence from any agent at any time for any reason.
8. Wellness Agents will distribute only the materials approved by Head Office.
9. Wellness Agents must train clients to place their Agent number in brackets at the end of their last name when signing into web sites or when purchasing services. This is how the agent receives credit for the sale.
10. All Instructors will be Wellness Agents but, not all Agents will be Instructors.
11. Agents will need to have Internet access and can become a member of PayPal to receive funds. Becoming a member of PayPal is free.
12. Health Agents do not sell or give away their network contact list.
13. Any person who has failed to re-register on their yearly anniversary, or has had their registration as a Wellness Agent suspended, is not qualified to receive agent commissions.
14. These policies may change at any time without notice.


Wellness Agent Duties

1. Wellness Agents are representing us and our web site network. When Agents meet people, go to interviews, or give interviews, they should dress professionally.
2. Promote our web sites.
3. Distribute Wellness Agent business cards and brochures. Only items approved by Head Office are allowed to be distributed.
4. Develop a network of friends and acquaintances.
a. Ask people for their email addresses.
b. Ask if they would like a reminders by email.
5. Build your own business by referring people and training them to use your Agent number.


Some Do Not Do's

1. Spamming is not allowed.
2. Do not go door to door selling.
3. Do not make cold-calls to individuals.
4. Never tell people your personal health story. This is unprofessional. People care about themselves not you so, please recognize that.
5. Never tell people what you think they should do other than taking Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Assessment, the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, or purchasing Wellness Web Workshop time.
6. Never recommend one product over another as that is a job for a trained professional.
7. Never give health advice to people. Wellness Agents do not have the training for that so please recognize this fact. If you have health care training in your background, please recognize that your duty as a Wellness Agent is to refer people to our web sites. Your goal is to bring people to Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Workshop program, not give people health advice. If you are licenced by a government regulatory body that has a regulatory college, then by all means give whatever advice is within your licence.
8. Dispensing health care advice as a Wellness Agent without a professional licence is an offence that will result in revocation of the Agent licence, even on the first occasion. There is zero tolerance in this regard.
9. It should be noted that Wellness Instructors must also follow these rules. There are specific duties of the Wellness Instructor as they are required to follow their mandated protocols.
10. Always remember, do not promise people anything about how they will heal. Even health care professionals cannot do that.

If you are interested in becoming a Health Agent. Then send us an email.


Send me the web page to register as a Health Advice Therapy Health Agent please. Just type in 'Agent Registration Form' in the email subject line.








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